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"We Are The Areas Leading Remodeling Contractor!"

Ice / Water Damage Repair

"We'll be there come Hell or High-Water!"

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Rot Repair
  • Ice Damming Repair
  • Mold Repair
  • Emergency Mold Remdiation Access
  • Fire Damage

Give us a call, were happy to help work with you to help guide you through the insurance claim process or work with your insurance adjuster.

Here in the North East we incur some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. That being said, the result is often destruction to your property. Due to the commonality of these natural disasters many homeowners carry property damage insurance. At CMG we understand many people shy away from making claims due to high deductibles or there afraid making a claim will raise there insurance rates. 

However, on the flip-side, having property insurance is there for a reason. Not fixing the problem could lead to a more complex situation, such as additional water damage, mold or property devaluation. Our experience has proven ignoring the problem leads to additional damage and ultimately proves more costly than not making a claim and fixing it right from the beginning!

More often than not the typical situation goes like this: We get a call right before the owner of the property is ready to sell the home or the home inspector (which is usually required by law or the new prospective buyer) picks up on a long existing problem during the sale of the home. The homeowner then decides the problem needs to be fixed before papers pass on the property. This scenario happens either on part of the prospective buyers negotiating the fix or the owner trying to get rid of the problem to appear it was ever there. 

This can be risky and usually causes much conflict and time lapse in the sale of a home. Nine out of ten times the owner then admits to us they wished they fixed the problem to begin with due to the fact they didn't really save any money, lost time in the sale of the home and or they had to look or deal with the problem for the past 3 years. Sometimes you just can't avoid the inevitable!