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"We Are The Areas Leading Remodeling Contractor!"

Handyman Services & More!

Maybe it's just time that old door wasn't meant to swing anymore or those fascia boards have finally rotten out enough that insects and squirrels are getting up into the attic space. It could be that it's time to sell the house? If any of this or the like sound familiar it's probably time to call CMG!

We know you've been meaning to get to that 'Honey-Doo' list but you've been busy with work, the kids, or your just not fond of climbing ladders. We're not here to judge, we can come up with a bunch of excuses for you but the fact remains, if it's not getting done now, it probably won't be for a while or at all, unless you call us.

So many people feel guilty or inadequate to call about a small project. It seems many people either feel like they don't want to bother us with a small job or have a tough time coming to terms with the fact they can't find the time to get some of the little things done around the house.

Well, I can assure you it's not a bother we'd be happy to do business with you. What we can't and won't do is explain to your significant other why you didn't get your chores done around the house for the past 3 years!


  • Trim / Rot Replacement
  • Operational Issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Project Completions
  • Water Infiltration Issues
  • Heat Loss Prevention

In all seriousness, CMG offers Handyman Services for the fact that the small jobs seem to compile for everyone alike. If we can help with one or several small jobs we'd be happy to discuss them with you. We offer 'Reasonable Rates' for our services and come to your house with our 'Fully Equipped Trailer(s)'.