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Energy Efficiency is at the forefront of everyone's mind. As fuel costs continue to rise we sympathize with our customers struggles to keep down their utility bills. It is usually a sensible approach to repair or replace an old drafty door or single pane window given the unwavering costs related to heat loss today. CMG is able to help guide you with smart choices when it comes to making these decisions.

Homes were built by many different builders, that's why we try to keep an open mind with regards to Door and Window options. Commonly, contractors try to push a preferred brand onto their customers to make their job easy.

A philosophy we feel is important is that your contractor should be willing to work with you to match existing conditions to the best of their abilities. Just being new doesn't cut it...It should match!

At CMG we're proud of our product knowledge and do our best to keep up on the door and window industry. Since this industry is always changing as a result of improved efficiencies’ and code requirements it's impossible to know it all, so we have surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable product specialists and manufacturer representatives. This allows us access to Door and Window specifications, warranties, tax incentives and government rebates. 

Due to the Energy Star Program more often than not there is a cost savings passed on to the homeowner through government rebates and incentives. This is in addition to the energy coefficiency savings. This is how we get results!

Are you confused about some of the terminology?

For a quick reference visit: Window & Door Terminology