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Design Services

At CMG we take concept and design to execution! Not everyone can visualize the finish product or understand the details of a project unless it is more specific with graphic drawings. That's why we offer multiple design services.Depending on your project size, concept and details this can be a very helpful tool. It allows our customer more in-depth visualization into the project as well as eliminating miss-communication or miss-understandings of what you may or may not expect out of a conversation or interpretation.

 Additionally, Design Drawings, Illustrations and/or Engineering may be required by code through the building department or planning board of a particular geographic area. Our In-house experience with Drafting and Design allow us to solve on-site questions and concerns as well as better orchestrate our message to our customer.

For more complex Architectural Drawings, Computerized Renditions and Engineering we offer out-of-house Architectural Design Work and Engineered Calculations through our contractor network. Depending on your projects scope of work we many times offer these services at no additional cost to the homeowner.

  • Drafting Services
  • Architectural Design
  • Plan & Elevation Drawings
  • Computerized Renditions
  • Engineering
  • 20/20 Kitchen Cabinet Design Capability
  • (Version 9.1)