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"We Are The Areas Leading Remodeling Contractor!"

A Word From CMG

Hello All!

Customers, Colleagues and Friends,

I'd like to take the time to thank you for coming to visit our site. I have personally spent a lot of time helping to put this site together in order for you to better understand our company, the work we do, our philosophy and the people we serve. I wanted to create the site personally as opposed to hiring it out to someone who really doesn't know us or understand what exactly it is we do - I feel this is better serving our customer!

Hopefully this site will help to answer some of the questions you have about us - if not, just drop us a line. I truly am committed to my current customer base as well as those who are interested in joining or have a need we can serve.

I often bump into folks who have seen or heard of us and after we talk say: "Wow, I didn't realize you guys did that!" or "Well,. I figured it was too small of a job and I didn't want to bother you with it." Call me - chances are, if we don't do it I could at least recommend you to someone who is qualified. It's really not a bother either, I'd rather you know that we were of service, large or small, so you can tell others about us. See this is where we excel, and what really excites me is letting people know that we understand and appreciate our roots. It is often some of the smallest jobs I did back in our early days that have helped lead us to where we are today and many of those customers still remain in contact and have become good friends.

In closing, it is my pleasure to share you with some of our services, facts about the industry and a true insight to who we are - and one more thing, I want to make the point that the gallery pictures featured is our work - our Resume, Awards and Testimonials are real and true! 

Thank you again for visiting, we hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Corey M. Gregoire